Living Labs

EnergyDataDK collaborates with a wide range of living labs

EnergyDataDK is a meeting point for extraction and management of energy data from several national laboratories and data platforms. Our large collaboration area ensures flexible and scalable test environments for the development of new digital solutions in the energy field.

EnergyLab Nordhavn

EnergyLab Nordhavn

A well-established full-scale smart city energy laboratory in Copenhagen's Northern Harbor. The living lab of EnergyLab Nordhavn can in a completely unique way demonstrate how electricity and heat, energy efficient buildings and electric transport can be integrated into an intelligent, flexible and optimized energy system. EnergyLab Nordhavn is a pioneering example of how researchers, companies and public authorities can work together to develop solutions that will ensure an efficient and sustainable green transition.



PowerLabDK is a world-class experimental platform for technology development, testing and demonstration of sustainable power and energy solutions. PowerLabDK conducts research and innovation in future energy systems at all scales from components to system level. The PowerLabDK facilities contain flexible test laboratories, large experimental facilities and work closely with several Danish living labs.


GreenLab Skive

A green and circular industrial park, where all companies are supplied with sustainable energy from several energy sources in the form that best suits their production. Additionally, everyone is connected to a unique smart grid solution that lets them share excess energy resources with each other, thereby providing a cost-effective setup that results in maximum green end products for consumers.

DTU Smart Campus

As the leading technical university of Denmark, DTU makes buildings and facilities available as a “living lab” and development of smart campus solutions, so that new technologies can be tested by researchers, students and industrial partners before they are disseminated to the rest of society. With Smart Campus, DTU ensures a sustainable and energy-efficient operation of the university for inspiration for other operators.

Energy system Integration Lab (SYSLAB)

Energy System Simulation Lab (SYSLAB)

SYSLAB is an experimental facility on the DTU Risø campus designed as a test environment for advanced control and communication concepts for electricity networks and sector coupling. The lab extends over an area of ​​approx. three square kilometers. The infrastructure is specially designed to test distributed control architectures and has a high degree of automation, where almost the entire laboratory can be remotely controlled via an API.

Smart Community Bornholm

The island of Bornholm will in the year 2025 be a CO2-neutral society based on sustainable and renewable energy. As part of achieving this goal, there is close cooperation between the island's authorities, companies and the population with a focus on participating in relevant development projects that support the island's sustainable transformation. The large share of renewable energy in the electricity grid makes Bornholm a unique test facility for the intelligent electricity grid of the future. Bornholm also makes up approx. 1% of Denmark and 0.2 ‰ of Europe, which makes data comparable and scalable.


DOLL - Danish Outdoor Lighting Lab

DOLL is a permanent platform that brings together players in outdoor lighting and Smart City solutions to create new innovative solutions. DOLL's mission is to enable decision makers in the public and private sectors to choose the most optimal, innovative lighting solutions. DOLL tests lighting, control systems and Smart City technologies on a 1: 1 scale.

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EnergyDataDK is a test environment for new technologies, services and solutions within intelligent energy solutions through access to real-time data from various living labs across Denmark, as well as the ability to connect data to both real-time simulator, high performance computing and advanced optimization and control algorithms. a. based on machine learning and AI.