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Knowledge and insight

It’s hard to change what you do not understand. EnergyDataDK provides insight into habits, behavior and consumption patterns through data from the Danish energy system.


Energy Data in real-time

As something completely unique, EnergyDataDK offers access to a wide range of energy data in real time. EnergyDataDK is a cluster-based platform for collecting, storing, analyzing and sharing data from a wide range of sources, which provides a strong basis for developing solutions in real time.

Easy access to data

DTU and our partners have a number of energy data at ourdisposal, which we are making available to society through the EnergyDataDK platform. Some data will be open to all, while others require a license. All data access requires a login.


Data-driven solutions

DTU and our partners established this open data platform in the hope of accelerating the development of a Danish position of strength as one of the leading nations in data-driven solutions in the energy field. The EnergyDataDK platform collects a wide range of energy data, including:

  • Hour-by-hour electricity prices from Nordpool
  • CO2 emissions from electricity production in Denmark
  • Measurements from weather stations
  • Power and voltage at transformer stations in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn and on the island of Bornholm
  • Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) monitoring from the supply company of the municipality of Frederiksberg
  • Information from building automation systems installed in apartments in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn
  • Charging, discharging and operating data from city battery
  • Operational data from district heating supply in Copenhagen local areas
  • Electricity consumption in selected households based on the household electricity meter
  • Forecasts for weather development up to 7 days ahead
  • Charges of electric cars in charging stations in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn, Smart Campus DTU among others
  • Operating data from heating systems in selected apartments


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