the development project Digital Energy Lab

The EnergyDataDK partners support the platform through participation in the development project Digital Energy Lab at Technical University of Denmark. The energy sector must be able to reap the benefits of digital transformation.

By developing a digital test and development platform for sustainable energy solutions, it is the goal to accelerate the development of smart energy systems for the benefit of industry and society.

Powerlab logo


PowerLabDK is a world-class experimental platform with expertise in technology development, testing and demonstration of sustainable energy solutions. PowerLabDK performs research and innovation at all scales from component to system level. The platform contains flexible test laboratories, large experimental facilities, as well as urban and community-based living labs, where solutions can be tested directly in the local system and in interaction with companies and residents.


It is the ambition of PowerLabDK to be a driving force for pioneering new knowledge and innovative technologies in the field of sustainable energy. PowerLabDK believes that digitization is the glue that will bind together the energy system of the future and sees great potential in being able to integrate the new digital platform with existing physical facilities and infrastructure to test unique solutions.

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HOFOR is the supply company of the capital area of Denmark, and ensures that one million Danes get clean drinking water. They supply cities with climate-friendly district heating, city gas and district cooling, and divert wastewater. HOFOR also owns Amagerværket, where district heating and electricity are produced. HOFOR has a goal of delivering supply solutions that are green, safe and cheap – while protecting the groundwater, coordinating climate adaptation and cloudburst protection, and providing a CO2-neutral energy supply.


In collaboration with the project partners, HOFOR wants to further develop and demonstrate new and innovative data and communication solutions for more frequent measurements of energy data and energy consumption. As well as to develop digital models of district heating systems and test time-dependent and more cost-effective district heating tariffs.

Bornholms Energi og Forsyning logo

Bornholm Heating

Bornholm Heating (BHV) produces and supplies district heating for approx. 6,500 customers in four decentralized areas on the island of Bornholm, Denmark. BHV is part of the supply company of Bornholm and works actively on green transition as part of the island’s Bright Green Island vision. In the years to come, BHV will have to switch from biomass-based heating to zero-emission solutions and district heating will increasingly assist the electricity system with sector switching through flexibility and other system services. Sector-coupling of heat and electricity requires a new form of planning, where more advanced data processing is needed.


BHV supports this platform in order to lift the digitalization of the company and prepare it for a future with intelligent management, distributed storage, sector coupling and transition from biomass.

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SusTech is a Tech Development company in the privately owned Zibra Group, which for the past 25 years has been one of the most successful Tech developers in Denmark with a focus on new technology and innovative solutions. Based on measurement data, metadata and grid topology, SusTech will develop algorithms and visualizations of the consumption in the district heating and electricity supply network and thus contribute to the development of models for analysis and estimation of the available flexibility. Including contributing to the optimization of production, based on real-time data.


SusTech finds great value in being able to develop products and services that change technical paradigms and thus push into the existing market. Through participation in the project, SusTech will, among other things, opportunity to use consumer data and consumer involvement in these unique solutions. In step with the green transition, the need for innovation and new thinking increases in order to utilize the supply networks optimally – SusTech would like to contribute to this development.

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Gate 21

The partnership of Gate 21 works to accelerate green transition and growth in Greater Copenhagen. Gate 21 has set out to find solutions that reduce CO2 emissions and realize energy and resource savings. Since 2009, Gate 21 has created strong results and with them shown new, concrete paths to green transition. In its first 10 years, Gate 21 has run more than 100 green projects worth more than a billion kroner. Gate 21 has become one of Denmark’s leading organizations for green transformation, which together with municipalities, regions, companies and research tests and develops concrete solutions for a sustainable Denmark.


Gate 21 will help make Greater Copenhagen the world’s leading region for green transformation and growth. Development and dissemination of energy- and resource-efficient solutions that promote green transformation and growth require comprehensive digitalisation of the energy sector.

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GreenLab is a green and circular industrial park, a national research center, and a technology catalyst. Here, green energy is produced, stored, converted and shared through an intelligent network of energy and data that enables the companies in the park to share their surplus resources with each other. GreenLab is an open innovation platform and works with a public / private partnership model that ensures maximum benefit of knowledge, innovation and business for all partners.


GreenLab has a strong interest in developing new digital peer to peer solutions that can manage the internal energy infrastructure in the park. The collaboration with EnergyDataDK and Digital Energy Lab accelerates this development process.

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DTU – Technical University of Denmark

DTU is an elite technical university with international reach and standard. DTU’s mission is to develop and utilize science for the benefit of society. DTU is Denmark’s largest engineering education center, and work every day with education, research, government advice and innovation, which contributes to growth and welfare.


Innovation is an integral part of DTU activities. Through corporate collaboration and commercialization of the university’s knowledge and technology development, DTU works to create value for society. Digital Energy Lab and EnergyDataDK are good examples of how universities in collaboration with industrial industries can create innovative and sustainable results.


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The Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program (EUDP) is a public subsidy scheme under the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities. The scheme supports new technology in the energy field, which can help achieve Denmark’s energy and climate goals. EUDP supports this platform through the Green Labs DK scheme, which contributes to the development of large-scale test facilities for the demonstration of new energy technology.